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Money isn’t everything. This is the debate I am having with George, who vehemently disagrees and believe the opposite is one of the hard truths of life, that without money, one’s survival is in peril.  To support my side, I point him to various studies (this one and this one for example) and he asks me to simply look around. Despite our deep finance backgrounds, that is our ongoing debate. We may never agree on an answer but we agree on one thing – there are a lot of people who are struggling to make ends meet, falling behind on bills or student debt, unable to get funding for their small business or reduce their credit card debts.

That bothers both of us.  And that fact unites us for our endeavor, this blog where we hope to try to help others by educating them about finance and maybe make a little bit of a difference in society.

We have decided to write this blog because of money.  Money doesn’t need to be everything to be important.  For those who haven’t had it at one time or another in their lives, they know that it is definitely better to have it than not.  So while we can’t afford to give you money, we can talk about how to use what you have more more effectively, provide tools and tips to save money and if you need to borrow money, educate you on the ins and outs of getting a better deal.

Most of our posts will be aimed at educating you, our readers, about financial topics, particularly loans, and savings.  We hope we can benefit you and possibly change the lives of some.  Most of our posts should make you more informed but some of the posts you may disagree with and maybe even a few you’ll find controversial. That is ok.

A few of the topics you will see are about personal and student loans while some will be focused on small business issues and funding. For example, learn about common mistakes you are making when borrowing money or repaying your debt, understanding your options when you are borrowing for personal or business reasons and finding alternative sources that you may not know about,  We may also dabble in psychology and economic behaviors a bit and in the end, hope to share our experience and knowledge as well as entertain.

While we won’t be able to offer specific advice as to what might be best for you and your situation, we will be able to help you understand the alternatives that are out there so that you may make a better decision for either your personal situation or your small business.

We hope you find this financial education blog interesting and that you participate. Feel free to contribute as you wish to the discussions that follow and if you have questions or ideas for topics please let us know.

We’ve provided links to some of our recent topics below.  We know you will benefit from reading them. Should you think the same, we encourage you to join our free periodic newsletter for insights that you will otherwise get only from a hired professional (do not worry, we will not spam you).

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I’d like to end this welcome with a reminder to all (particularly my good friend George):

“Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one”  

Benjamin Franklin

Woody and George

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